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jane stockdale documents the agony and ecstasy at the 2014 world cup in brazil [designboom]

photo 1: the beach erupts in celebrations as argentina win the penalty shoot-out

photo 2: the excitement of watching brazil play is all too much for one fan. he woke up when brazil scored

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‘casa futebol’ by 1week1project proposes the reappropriation of the stadiums renovated or built for the 2014 FIFA world cup in brazil. within the host country, the housing shortage is estimated to be at 5.2 million homes according to the institute of applied economic research. 

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Costa, who was reported to be furious about how she was treated, said that even before she started the job she was being pushed aside, and that it was clear to her that she was expected to be the “face of the club” without any power or control.


A look at the World Cup’s group stage courtesy of the GFOPs at Google.

Suarez, bites again!

futbolando: suarez!

Brazil’s World Cup stadium architecture illustrated by Andre Chiote. Doesn’t get much prettier than this.

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Oh, hey, we got that win!
iguessyoucanjustcallmev: Nothing like the shock of your first World Cup Goal
Footy love, nikhak

Oh, hey, we got that win!

iguessyoucanjustcallmev: Nothing like the shock of your first World Cup Goal

Footy love, nikhak

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    GO, USA!

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This  calendar is pretty damn awesome. 
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Women’s Soccer League Tries to Connect and Survive

[The New York Times]

The struggle of women’s sports leagues has long been a nagging problem. In the world of women’s professional team sports, progress always seems to be inch by inch, if there is progress at all.

A Long Road to NWSL 2.0, but Hopeful First Steps

[bright & select]

“Women’s sports in general are different from men’s sports. And because they’re different, people want to say they’re better or worse. And there was this sense that no one wants to go out to women’s sports, because men’s sports are better.”

In the Book, with Becky Sauerbrunn, Vol. II

[FC Kansas City - NWSL]

We can’t expect greatness from the get-go, especially with our history of failed leagues. Can it get better? For sure. But in order to give this league a fighting chance, we all need to have a little perspective.