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Footy love.
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Agreed. Have always loved the all white - so classy.

thrace-Dat all white kit tho.

Footy love, nikhak

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Yet again, things are not looking good for WPS. More from All White Kit here.

Footy love, nikhak

This is a must read. #WWC

chi—was—here: AMAZING article for those still recovering from yesterday’s match.

I wouldn’t say that I’m not a Marta fan, but I’m definitely not a MARTA OMG YAAAAH! fan; however, I just said to myself “Holy shit, Marta!” while watching her goal, which is in this list.  Her goal was not the only goal listed here that seriously impressed me though - so be sure to check um all out!

Sidenote: The only thing that makes me bad about best goals, best assists, best games, etc for women’s soccer is that a good number of WPS games are not televised or put on the web. Just a personal thought.