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Simon Borg is probably not worth another blog post on the WWW, but here I am typing his name.  I don’t have much to say about him or his comments on a recent Extratime podcast (MLS’s Podcast) that haven’t already been said, but I did want to share my two theories on why he may have said what he said.

If you’re wondering who Borg is, or what it is I’m referring to. Check out these two pieces:

And here are my two theories on why Borg said what he said:

  1. Borg is an idiot. There’s no simpler way to put it.
  2. Borg is being asked to be the agitator of the Extratime podcast group and to stir up controversy and added viewership. 
Either way, what he said is not ok, and I’d imagine that most footy fans would agree. 

Footy love, nikhak


ESPN, a horse is not a woman!

Our friend over at From A Left Wing brought this story to our attention:

“ESPN recently launched a website for women sports fans, espnW. Today the site listed its top ten stories in women’s sports. In cooking up this list, ESPN adopted a flexible definition of the category “woman” by including Zenyatta, the horse, as #4.”

I wonder how Serena Williams must feel to know that despite her tremendous achievements this year in tennis, her accomplishments, in ESPN’s eyes, still rank below a horse. ESPN, get better! How could this have possibly been deemed acceptable by espnW’s editors?

Jennifer Doyle’s blog is a must-read, and her twitter provides links to not only her own work, but also the occasional game commentary. Seriously, if you’re not reading the blog or following on Twitter, then get to it. (via 


Yes, I agree. From a Left Wing is an exceptional blog.