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Last summer Aston Villa were in town to play Chicago Fire in a friendly, so Section 8 Chicago and Villa supporters decided to play in a small friendly themselves. I was lucky enough to get in on the action, which took place on Toyota Park’s practice field. It was a great time and the combination of supporters really reminded me of what this game is all about - beauty, community, friendship - the love of a shared sport.

In less than two hours I’ll be playing in a similar friendly against Aston Villa supporters that was organized by this super awesome guy, who is for a the Chicago group of Aston Villa Supporters <—- may not have phrased that properly, but you get the gist. 

Either way, happy Friday! Hope you’re all getting a little footy action on during your weekend.

Wish me luck!

Footy love, nikhak

p.s. I’m on the left hand side of this pic (first row, white shorts) - looking down and the goofy fella laying down in front with a beer in hand. What better way to end a match!?

nikhakSoon Section 8 Chicago will be the most disliked group of supporters in MLS. I’m entertained by the tweets right now because i’m not at the draft. If I were there, I’d likely be embarrassed. For now, I’ll enjoy a few laughs. 

Footy love. 

Another weekend spent with my sister and friends at Toyota Park. For once in a long while, it’s actually exciting to go to matches again - the Fire have been playing significantly better than they have the last couple of seasons and have been notching a lot more W’s on the board. 

Also, second place in the Eastern Conference and third place overall. Not baddddd, guys. 

What are your hopes for the end of the MLS season?

Footy love, nikhak


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One year ago yesterday, my late father was inducted into the Chicago Fire’s Wall of Honor. Thanks to the Fire for helping create such a wonderful memory of my dad and for all those who supported us through it. A red heart can never be broken. ♥

Footy love, nikhak

Going to away Chicago Fire games is always exciting, but this particular trip was even more exciting than previous ones - we were in a fabulous city, playing at a historic stadium (Stade olympique), and Montreal Impact were playing their first ever home game in MLS.

If you’ve never been to an away game for your club then you might not know that before the match all the traveling supporters meet with one another in a designated area to pick up tickets and walk into the stadium together as a group. An unbelievable atmosphere of camaraderie is created when an away group walks into the stadium together, whether it is 25, 300, or 1,000 supporters, the unique experience is almost indescribable. While hooliganism isn’t a word tossed around when talking about the MLS, it only takes one person from the home or away club to start a little controversy, so walking in as a group also helps as a security measure - this is usually just an extra safety measure on top of official security that is often provided by the home club.

This game wasn’t any different. Most Section 8 Chicago members (#S8OT - Section 8 On Tour) met at the Viau subway station just outside the stadium. (Let me tell you what a luxury it was to be able to take the train directly to the stadium, since in Chicago - I mean Bridgeview, IL - we don’t have a quick public transit route to games at Toyota Park.) From the station we all walked the short distance to the stadium together where we met with other S8 folks, who drove to the game. The horn was played, chants were sung, and we all waited for Montreal security to let us into the stadium.

When we were finally allowed into the stadium we found ourselves purchasing $7 coors light and potato chips. I guess they wanted to keep all the tasty pizza slices, nachos, and hot dogs to themselves! In a dark corner of the stadium we sat surrounded by security and realized that if we sat in the actual seats assigned to us that we wouldn’t be able to see one of the goals on the field. (Thanks, Impact.) Luckily, security kept Impact fans out of the section next to us, so we were able to spread ourselves out a bit and keep our eye on the goal that Oduro would later score on.

The game overall wasn’t an exciting one. Montreal had more attacking opportunities against the Fire in the first half, splitting our defense on numerous occasions. Luckily, Paolo Tornaghi, who was debuting in his first official Fire match, was able to keep a clean sheet in the first half. In the 56th minute Impact scored their first goal on home turf in league history with a cross from Sanna Nyassi that was headed in by Davy Arnaud. Montreal held the lead for 15 minutes, but Dominic Oduro netted a tying goal in the 71st minute of play, which was assisted by Sebastian Grazzini. Luckily a shot from Montreal in the final seconds of the game smacked the crossbar (or was it the post), which saved the fire from a loss and gave both teams their first point of the 2012 season. (Game highlights here.)

The atmosphere at Olympic Stadium wasn’t as impressive as I was expecting. From the corner we were sitting in, it was nearly impossible to hear the chants from Montreal’s supporters, though their visual display, bouncing, and clapping was exciting to watch at moments. A few members of their supporters’ group did come over to our group and introduced themselves by shaking each of our hands, which I thought was a classy gesture in comparison to those dressed as leprechauns, who were continuously trying to heckle us. Overall though, the Montreal fans were not as loud as I anticipated; however, they were certainly exceptional at booing the Fire and doing the wave.

In the end, the trip was a successful one filled with many good memories, as can be expected from the S8OT crew. Thank you to Montreal, my traveling buddies, Chicago Fire, S8OT, and Chicago Fire for another unforgettable experience.

Footy love, nikhak

HAPPY REX MANNING DAY! Otherwise known as, the Chicago Fire home opener.

Let’s go boys!

Footy love, nikhak

Thanks for sharing these, Section 8 Chicago and Pitch Invasion.

This past weekend I traveled to Montreal to support my @ChicagoFire for their first game of the 2012 season and the first MLS home game of Montreal Impact.  

Before we, Section 8 Chicago, were allowed into the stadium, we waited outside the concrete walls of Stade olympique where chants were sung in excitement for the match. 

I hope to have a more detailed post about my experience at the game posted before the weekend, but until then, enjoy this short video.

Footy love, nikhak