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Footy love.
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How relatable is this article? 
10 Struggles Every Female Sports Fan Knows:
Footy love, nikhak
Photo: Female Revolution in Turkish Football

How relatable is this article?

10 Struggles Every Female Sports Fan Knows:

Footy love, nikhak

Photo: Female Revolution in Turkish Football

As mentioned earlier, this happened again… 

Globe Pub FC (with Section 8 Chicago recruits) vs Aston Villa Supporters USA. Globe pub was victorious with a score of 4-1, though the Villans put in a good fight after drinking all day at the pub. 

I’m hoping friendly one-off games like these continue to happen - it’s a great way to play football with friends and meet new folks as well.

Footy love, nikhak

p.s. I’m on the lefthand side in this photo as well - third from left, hiding in the shadow of Camryn. Five females reppin’ in this match, which was three more than the friendly last summer. And I must say, one (or both) of the female Villans were probably the best out of their whole squad. Hats off to them.

Last summer Aston Villa were in town to play Chicago Fire in a friendly, so Section 8 Chicago and Villa supporters decided to play in a small friendly themselves. I was lucky enough to get in on the action, which took place on Toyota Park’s practice field. It was a great time and the combination of supporters really reminded me of what this game is all about - beauty, community, friendship - the love of a shared sport.

In less than two hours I’ll be playing in a similar friendly against Aston Villa supporters that was organized by this super awesome guy, who is for a the Chicago group of Aston Villa Supporters <—- may not have phrased that properly, but you get the gist. 

Either way, happy Friday! Hope you’re all getting a little footy action on during your weekend.

Wish me luck!

Footy love, nikhak

p.s. I’m on the left hand side of this pic (first row, white shorts) - looking down and the goofy fella laying down in front with a beer in hand. What better way to end a match!?

Another beer bus to the Chicago Red Stars’ next home match on Sunday, July 14th!

Kick It Social is collaborating with the Chicago Red Stars to host a beer bus to their upcoming match and also working with Section 8 Chicago as they host a watch party for Chicago Fire’s upcoming match against Vancouver Whitecaps.

Join us for the soccer festivities!

Chicago Red Stars v. Kansas City 

Beer Bus and Match Ticket $20 Buy bus/match ticket here:

Upon return, stay and watch the Chicago Fire take on Vancouver Whitecaps at the Section 8 Chicago hosted watch party.



1pm: Bus Pick-Up from The Anthem, 1725 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622

3pm: Kickoff

5pm: Section 8 Chicago Watch Party at The Anthem

6pm: Kickoff Fire @ Vancouver

6:30pm: Bus returns

Footy love, nikhak

Now that Chicago Fire have Mike Magee and Bakary Soumare on the squad (again for Soumare) the team has had an extra spark - Magee & Soumare add extra skill and passion that Fire had been missing.

The first several games of the MLS season I had little to no motivation to watch, though I watched, of course, there is always hope - right? I’m  now hoping that things continue to be that much more hopeful and also a bit more exciting. (Ok, a lot more exciting.)

When Fire came back from a 2-0 deficit in their match against Portland Timbers on Saturday to tie the match at 2-2, the stadium lit up with happiness in a way that I hadn’t seen since last season. Here’s a little Vine clip I took of all the happiness that I was surrounded by after Daniel Paladini scored the tying goal. The woman standing behind my sister and me was going absolutely crazy with her high-pitched celebration. 

Footy love, nikhak

p.s. I just joined Vine a few weeks ago. You can find me under the username nikhak there. Please say hello if you decide to follow. I’ve been posting loads of soccer stuff there. 


The Real Theater of Dreams

When talking about soccer, we all have a tendency to get a bit overwhelmed by transfer budgets, sponsorship contracts and wage allowances. The modern game is one dominated by a never-ending news cycle that’s difficult to avoid; one in which is cynicism has a certain inevitability. But while FIFA officials and fascist fans conspire to drag us down, soccer remains a children’s game; a fact that was made clear in Portland this afternoon.

Teaming up with the Make-A-Wish foundation, the Portland Timbers gave 8-year old Atticus Lane-Dupre, who was diagnosed with Cancer last fall, a moment in the spotlight. Alongside teammates from his local youth soccer side, the Green Machine, Atticus was invited to Jeld-Wen Field for a scrimmage in front of more than 3,000 fans against a group of select players from the Timbers starting eleven.

Backed by flares, signs and a variety of G-rated chants, the Green Machine took down the Timbers 9-8, with four goals coming by way of Atticus himself. Don’t let the television coverage or blogs fool you: the heart of soccer emanated from the Pacific Northwest today.

Check out the photos above (video here) and let me know whether it’s just me, or if AFR headquarters are especially dusty this afternoon. [Posted by Maxi

This is so damn awesome (via afootballreport)

Things that made me cry at work today: 

  • See above ^^^^^

Footy love, nikhak

Get on the bus!

This Saturday, April 24th there will be a (beer) bus leaving from the Chicago Fire vs Montreal Impact watch party hosted by Section 8 Chicago and then headed out to the Chicago Red Stars vs Portland Thorns game at Benedictine University.

I’m excited & proud to say that I helped coordinate this bus trip. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to unite soccer in Chicago - Kick It Social (my part-time employer) and Chicago Red Stars are co-sponsoring the bus, while Section 8 Chicago has helped with promotion and ticket sales

Some cities are fortunate enough to have their men’s and women’s clubs working together, promoting one another, or at the very least have a friendly relationship with each other.  Those cities, clubs, teams are fortunate - not every city has the same unity between soccer teams & organizations.  If it can’t be done on the club level though, let us, the supporters, at least try to connect everyone, every team together

Join us! Get a ticket here.

C’mon you men in red! C’mon you Stars!

Footy love & Chicago soccer pride, nikhak 

What we were reading last week:

That women can share in the excitement, moment and joy of an important regional football tournament is unprecedented. Currently, in the Middle East many stadiums are still considered to be a man’s domain. 

Footy love, nikhak



My most recent piece for

(via footballisradical)

nikhakSoon Section 8 Chicago will be the most disliked group of supporters in MLS. I’m entertained by the tweets right now because i’m not at the draft. If I were there, I’d likely be embarrassed. For now, I’ll enjoy a few laughs. 

Footy love.