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Women’s Soccer League Tries to Connect and Survive

[The New York Times]

The struggle of women’s sports leagues has long been a nagging problem. In the world of women’s professional team sports, progress always seems to be inch by inch, if there is progress at all.

A Long Road to NWSL 2.0, but Hopeful First Steps

[bright & select]

“Women’s sports in general are different from men’s sports. And because they’re different, people want to say they’re better or worse. And there was this sense that no one wants to go out to women’s sports, because men’s sports are better.”

In the Book, with Becky Sauerbrunn, Vol. II

[FC Kansas City - NWSL]

We can’t expect greatness from the get-go, especially with our history of failed leagues. Can it get better? For sure. But in order to give this league a fighting chance, we all need to have a little perspective.

The legend that is Mia Hamm. Great moments in Team USA history.

Jill Scott and Hope Solo:

Could these two go head to head in the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada?


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Mrs Graham’s XI, from Stirling in Scotland, are thought to be the first women’s football team in Britain, and sparked riots after they beat England 3-1 in their second match ever in May 1881.

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Indeed, Louisa Necib is quite brilliant on the pitch. 

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She is from Marseilles and is of Algerian descent.

They call her “the Female Zidane”.

She played for the top Women’s Club Team on the planet. Olympique Lyonnais of the Division 1 Féminine

She was shortlisted for a Puska Award this year and is undoubtedly incredible. 

Madames et Monsieurs….Louisa Necib. 

Women’s football: Etihad Stadium summit examines attitudes

There are some who still cling to the outdated belief that football is a man’s world, run by men and played by men for the enjoyment of other men.

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IWSL shared this photo via Facebook today and it made me really happy - women of all ages playing the game in the Chicagoland area.

How old will you be when you retire your boots?

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Ella. Ballin’. What else?

(via womenssoccer)

Last weekend I was visiting Columbus, and I took in all the soccer I could since I was missing a Chicago Fire home match that ended in a disappointing draw against Houston.

On Saturday I went to the Columbus Crew vs Seattle Sounders match, which was delayed an hour or so due to storms (this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, which I’ll address in another post). Sounders went down to 10 men very early in the match but ended up defeating Crew 1-0 with a goal from Eddie Johnson. (Photo on right)

On Sunday I went to the OSU women’s match against Arizona. I was excited to see a high level college game, but I ended up being disappointed in most of the play. As I tweeted, “Would be awesome if one of these teams could string a few passes together instead of relying on long ball & brute force. " Overall, the game appeared to be a battle of who was stronger and players would constantly try to take on 1, 2, or 3 defenders rather than cutting the ball back, shielding the ball, looking for other options. I was impressed with the play from Ohio State’s Danica Wu, who also plays for the Canadian National Team.

All my fellow Fire supporters always hate on Columbus, and while I’ll never be a fan of Columbus Crew, I quite enjoy the city.

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England’s Hope Powell sacked after 15 years // The Equalizer
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England’s Hope Powell sacked after 15 years // The Equalizer

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