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As mentioned earlier, this happened again… 

Globe Pub FC (with Section 8 Chicago recruits) vs Aston Villa Supporters USA. Globe pub was victorious with a score of 4-1, though the Villans put in a good fight after drinking all day at the pub. 

I’m hoping friendly one-off games like these continue to happen - it’s a great way to play football with friends and meet new folks as well.

Footy love, nikhak

p.s. I’m on the lefthand side in this photo as well - third from left, hiding in the shadow of Camryn. Five females reppin’ in this match, which was three more than the friendly last summer. And I must say, one (or both) of the female Villans were probably the best out of their whole squad. Hats off to them.




Footy love, nikhak 

So glad the storm passed and that we were able to play last night.

Footy love, nikhak 

Last night was one of those nights that you know is going to be amazing but you just hope that it lives up to the high expectations that you have set.

When US Soccer announced that they would be holding a watch party for last night’s World Cup Qualifier I marked it on the calendar immediately. As strange as it sounds, US Soccer doesn’t hold that many events in Chicago like these despite their offices being right down the street from Grant Park. The crowd was great, I had some great company even though my partner in crime Nicole was out of town, and US pulled out the win in the second half - with a goal from Jozy no less. Look out. Here we come Brazil, that Altidore boy is on fire.

One can only hope that there will be more watch parties like this to come.

ps - not to gloat but I predicted that we would win 1-nil with a point from Jozy in the second half. I need to start placing bets on these things…

It’s the first week of spring, but here in Chicago it’s been below freezing temps and there have been snow flurries on & off all week. 

Here’s a shot I took of some DePaul students kicking the ball around on Wish Field from the CTA Fullerton station.

The sun is shining down on us, but if someone has the ability to send us some warm weather vibes, I’d really be into that. 

Footy love, nikhak

Snow flurries & soccer (at Wish Field)

One more week until another rad women’s soccer league starts in Chicago via Kick It Social!

Two teams need a few more independent girls to join their teams for $60/player or sign up your own team for $350 (HELLA CHEAP!).

  • 7v7
  • Two 30 minute halves
  • Jerseys for up to 12 players per roster
  • New Humboldt Park turf field

If you live in Chicago and know anyone that might be interested in joining a women’s soccer league, please share this with them or reblog.

Cheers & footy love, nikhak

Hello Chicago area soccer lovin’ ladies & those that know soccer lovin’ ladies!

We’ve created a new page for those interested in joining women’s soccer leagues, teams, or just looking for a game to sub in from time to time. 

Please “like” us, and please spread the word with others that might be interested.

Footy love ♥, nikhak

The Chicago Fire Soccer Club are kicking off a season of food, fitness and fun for the city’s soccer fans and families by naming Quaker as the club’s official Breakfast Foods & Nutritious Snacks Partner with the centerpiece of the partnership being the new 2012 jersey, which prominently features the famed Quaker logo in a powerful yet classic design.


Fire and Quaker Oats team up for multi-year sponsorship - [Chicago Fire]


I am torn on the new Chicago Fire jerseys.  I like them more than I thought I would, but with so much navy (and I love navy), I feel like they’re similar to the Revs. The classic Chicago flag stars are what really make those away jerseys stand out.  I’m excited to see them in person now. 

And everyone outta stop hating on Quaker. Here are two thoughts:

1. Sponsorship money is great for the Fire. They were in dire need of the extra cash flow.

2. Quaker Oats is a local company, who better to represent the Fire than a company from Chicago?

What do you guys think of the new Fire jerseys, or any other new MLS jerseys for the 2012 season? Like um, leave um, love um… ??

Footy love, nikhak

Hello soccer peeps :) The above is a pretty sick (cool) series of pictures from my game the other night taken by a friend. If you don’t know me, I play for North Park University as the/a GK. We are currently 2-1 in CCIW. I know its fun to watch the big dogs (aka D1) play but don’t forget about us little people also :)


Hello lovely soccer ladies of Chicago,

I have an e-mail list of soccer women that I e-mail a few times a year about upcoming leagues, coaching positions, etc. If you’re interested in being a part of this mailing list, please send me your name and e-mail address at my Tumblr message/ask box.  Please also don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Soccer love, nikhak (The Footy Queen)

p.s. I promise that I always BCC everyone’s names & e-mail addresses on the communications I send out. Sharing is not always caring. :)

(Please feel free to reblog this.)