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Brazil’s World Cup stadium architecture illustrated by Andre Chiote. Doesn’t get much prettier than this.

Footy love, nikhak

This  calendar is pretty damn awesome. 
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When: Sunday, October 13th
Where: Prairie Bluff Golf Course

More info:

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kartoni ‘cardboard foosball table’ by kickpack

I can’t imagine a cardboard foosball table being too effective to have a competitive game on, but on a cuteness & resourcefulness scale, I give this guy an A+. On another note, how rad is the iphone & beer holders, not to mention the female players that are included with the game. Awesome! 

made exclusively from cardboard, ‘kartoni’, the regulation-sized foosball table by kickpack utilizes 100% renewable raw materials for its construction.  the handles are conceived in wood, and can be quickly put together without glue, screws or tools. the packaging is incorporated within the original double corrugated construction and ensures additional stability when put together. an online player generator allows figures to be created and printed out in every club color, with uploaded logos and individual faces. fancy a game with messi or the german national team? not a problem - pre-cut, printable paper sheets are enclosed with the table football set. the set includes extras such as built-in cup and smartphone holders with a record player hooper for better sound output when using the speakers.

Footy love, nikhak

This month has brought us one of the best brand redesigns in the soccer world. The Minnesota Stars has revamped their look from blues and yellow to the modern and sleek greys, sky blue, with a touch of red. I am in love with this and can’t wait to see photos of the kits in action. The one piece I love is the website, the photo of the grass being eye level in the entire background is just a great idea. 

From the studio at Zeus: “At Zeus, we are major soccer fans. During the World Cup, a lot of us had the game going constantly on second monitors or TVs while we worked. That’s why we were thrilled that the local soccer team, then called The Minnesota Stars, came to us to work on their branding. They had just switched from being owned by the North American Soccer League to private ownership, and they saw this as a chance to make their identity mean more to Minnesota.”

I think this is a job well done for sure. Beautiful and simple. Teams should take note…I’m looking at you New England Revolution.

Footy love, Julie

Via Zeus Jones

The MiniMunich La Roca Village Pop-Up Store caught my eye while researching store interior inspiration the other day…

The store’s approach was to make the customers in Munich feel at home in this little nugget of a space. And what better way to do that than create a soccer based theme? With this being the ‘kids’ store, the added elements of larger scale crayon type drawings on the wall and ballons floating around this seems to be any kids…or maybe adults…dream.

A typical store layout for the brand looks like the interior below. Personally, I think the feel of the pop-up stores come across a bit more approachable. 

Footy love, Julie

It’s happening! @indyprosoccer #NASL (via @nikhak)

Footy love in the Midwest! 

The Adizero f50’s is one of the most technological advancements in the game…chalk it up there with goal line technology being tested when England hosted Belgium at Wembley on June 2.

By now I am sure we have all seen and/or heard about this boot. It measures speed, number of sprints, time & distance but now the packaging is what is getting attention. Don’t get me wrong, what the shoe can do is amazing but besides that the packaging is phenomenal.

"The boot will enable footballers of all levels to compete on the pitch, share their data & compare it with the best players in the world."

Footy love, Julie

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The Coca-Cola limited edition London 2012 cans are here and Women’s Soccer made the cut. Personally, I love them. Clean, simple, and beautiful to look at.

Footy love, Julie

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turning the act of sitting into a game, italian designer emanuele magini has integrated a football net into a chair frame to create ‘lazy football’ for italian furniture manufacturer campeggi. the simple metal body of the furniture piece has widened front legs,  mimicking the form of a goal net - sitters on the chair become players in a friendly game of ‘lazy’ football, requiring no real skill, just the ability to block. the design, cradling the line between sporting accessory and seating object, was on show at salone del mobile  during milan design week 2012. 

This looks like the perfect indoor game for a lazy, rainy day like today.

Footy love, nikhak