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As mentioned earlier, this happened again… 

Globe Pub FC (with Section 8 Chicago recruits) vs Aston Villa Supporters USA. Globe pub was victorious with a score of 4-1, though the Villans put in a good fight after drinking all day at the pub. 

I’m hoping friendly one-off games like these continue to happen - it’s a great way to play football with friends and meet new folks as well.

Footy love, nikhak

p.s. I’m on the lefthand side in this photo as well - third from left, hiding in the shadow of Camryn. Five females reppin’ in this match, which was three more than the friendly last summer. And I must say, one (or both) of the female Villans were probably the best out of their whole squad. Hats off to them.

England’s Hope Powell sacked after 15 years // The Equalizer
Footy love, nikhak

England’s Hope Powell sacked after 15 years // The Equalizer

Footy love, nikhak

Game on. 

theatre-of-dreamsBarclays Premier League - The Return 13/14

Footy love, nikhak

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Last summer Aston Villa were in town to play Chicago Fire in a friendly, so Section 8 Chicago and Villa supporters decided to play in a small friendly themselves. I was lucky enough to get in on the action, which took place on Toyota Park’s practice field. It was a great time and the combination of supporters really reminded me of what this game is all about - beauty, community, friendship - the love of a shared sport.

In less than two hours I’ll be playing in a similar friendly against Aston Villa supporters that was organized by this super awesome guy, who is for a the Chicago group of Aston Villa Supporters <—- may not have phrased that properly, but you get the gist. 

Either way, happy Friday! Hope you’re all getting a little footy action on during your weekend.

Wish me luck!

Footy love, nikhak

p.s. I’m on the left hand side of this pic (first row, white shorts) - looking down and the goofy fella laying down in front with a beer in hand. What better way to end a match!?

Caught up in the hype of the Stanley Cup Finals (and win by the beloved Blackhawks) yesterday, I forgot that it was indeed one of those very special days. One day late, but better late than never…

Happy Birthday Leo.

p.s. - Thanks for being born and I will see you soon.

Footy love, Julie

Last night was one of those nights that you know is going to be amazing but you just hope that it lives up to the high expectations that you have set.

When US Soccer announced that they would be holding a watch party for last night’s World Cup Qualifier I marked it on the calendar immediately. As strange as it sounds, US Soccer doesn’t hold that many events in Chicago like these despite their offices being right down the street from Grant Park. The crowd was great, I had some great company even though my partner in crime Nicole was out of town, and US pulled out the win in the second half - with a goal from Jozy no less. Look out. Here we come Brazil, that Altidore boy is on fire.

One can only hope that there will be more watch parties like this to come.

ps - not to gloat but I predicted that we would win 1-nil with a point from Jozy in the second half. I need to start placing bets on these things…

I recently took a part-time job in addition to my full-time one to work for a soccer organization in Chicago called Kick It Social. I’d been playing in Kick It Social leagues for the last year, and I’d really been enjoying my time with them. I appreciated the owner’s passion for the game (every time he steps on the field, his eyes light up with happiness), the relationship he built with teams & players in the league, and the level of play that the leagues had to offer (from beginners to competitive). 

I was especially thankful for the risks he took in starting up women’s leagues through Kick It Social. Even though Chicago is a massive city - since I started playing adult leagues in the city in 2006, it seems that there has never been a lasting women’s league no matter how many organizations have tried to get one up and running. As a female player, I’m hopeful that a great women’s league can last and continue to grow in years to come - Chicago is certainly not short on female players.

I’ve always been an advocate of adult soccer in Chicago  especially women’s adult soccer, so I’m happy to have the opportunity to help the game grow in a different setting now -  other than just spreading the word individually, through friends, teammates, etc. 

If you’re in Chicago and looking to join a league, hop on a team, or play a little pick-up - please feel free to reach out, as I’d be more than happy to help you find a league, team, or pick-up session that suits you best.

Happy to be helping grow the game. 

Footy love, nikhak

[Photos: Top Left: My coed team - Team Decent FC. Other two photos: Saturday afternoon pick-up.]


Don’t go, Marouane. Don’t go.

Footy love & sometimes sadfaces, nikhak


It’s all but inevitable that the Belgium is headed to Chelsea this summer.  He will be a monster for them, as his versatility in midfield is exactly what they are lacking.

Yes, this. ^^^^^

See the link below for more regarding football against homophobia.

Footy love, nikhak

claptonultrasProud to support -

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Just a little hand soccer to wish you a Happy Friday…

Now that the international break has come to an end, what games are you looking forward to this weekend?

Footy love, Julie