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NIKE football unveils 2014 brazilian national team kit

What do you think? I quite like the simplicity. 

Footy love, nikhak


When: Sunday, October 13th
Where: Prairie Bluff Golf Course

More info:

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This is great. Really looking forward to watching this in full.

Footy love, nikhak

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Trailer: Goals for Girls

The producers of Goals for Girls have re-released their website today and this served as a good…

Jogabo: the future of soccer is now

Jogabo wants to inspire and empower the world to play soccer. This is how they see the future of the beautiful game.

It’s these people, these ideas, these games, this love that make the game so beautiful.

And this is also why football has my heart…

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Dreams of scoring goals during thunderstorms in epic stadiums. Dreams I wish I had.

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I love writing surreal short stories. Lately I’ve started writing bits and pieces again. I try to keep them simple but evocative. This is a simple little scenario of a few things I love: dreams, sleeping through a storm and football.

Hope you like it :)

Happy Friday, soccer lovers! If this doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what will.

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#it’s official there is no fans awesomer than football fans


The first two gifs should be set to “Born Free” by Andy Williams.

Who are you supporting?

Germany has my love, always. 

Footy love, nikhak

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For two hours, and for two games, the players of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid had toiled to reach the biggest stage in the club calendar, the Champions League final. They attacked and counterattacked, but stood inseparable late Wednesday night at three goals apiece in the semifinal. - The New York Times


Footy love, nikhak

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I know I’ve overloaded you with Chicago Fire posts the last few days, and I’m sorry for that - I’ve just been so excited for the beginning of the MLS season - haven’t you? MLS aside, here’s some adorableness for your Monday. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Footy love, nikhak

Não é brincadeira
Vou vestir meu manto
Manto do alvinegro
Tem que ter respeito
Amor à camisa!
Vou com o Corinthians,
Em qualquer lugar!
Qualquer lugar, qualquer lugar!

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Happy hump day.

Photos of this fabulous new stadium in Poland oughta get you through the day and into Thursday, which only means that Friday is almost upon us!


Poland’s new national stadium in Warsaw, rising over the Vistula river, is captured beautifully here by 4eye. We will all see more of it at the opening game of Euro 2012.