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Here’s a follow-up to the video I just posted regarding the @ChicagoFire’s new jerseys and sponsorship. 

Footy love, nikhak


redeyesportsguy: Quaker Oats is sponsoring the Fire jerseys this season.

The Chicago Fire Soccer Club are kicking off a season of food, fitness and fun for the city’s soccer fans and families by naming Quaker as the club’s official Breakfast Foods & Nutritious Snacks Partner with the centerpiece of the partnership being the new 2012 jersey, which prominently features the famed Quaker logo in a powerful yet classic design.


Fire and Quaker Oats team up for multi-year sponsorship - [Chicago Fire]


I am torn on the new Chicago Fire jerseys.  I like them more than I thought I would, but with so much navy (and I love navy), I feel like they’re similar to the Revs. The classic Chicago flag stars are what really make those away jerseys stand out.  I’m excited to see them in person now. 

And everyone outta stop hating on Quaker. Here are two thoughts:

1. Sponsorship money is great for the Fire. They were in dire need of the extra cash flow.

2. Quaker Oats is a local company, who better to represent the Fire than a company from Chicago?

What do you guys think of the new Fire jerseys, or any other new MLS jerseys for the 2012 season? Like um, leave um, love um… ??

Footy love, nikhak